Andy has a gift in working with people, even special needs autistic clients.  There are great results.  He provides an audio recording of his thoughts during a session which includes his perceptions and the psychic messages directing his services, his interactions with the client, and his knowings about the client's Life Purpose or current needs.  These are usually very psychic experiences with messages for the family, as well.


Here is some of the feedback: 

     I am totally blown away!  What a wonderful session you had with [-M-].  I laughed,  I cried.  I was just overwhelmed with emotion.


     Laughing out loud.  I am so grateful for having met you.


     I want to thank you.  You have given me a gift tonight.  I am sitting here crying with joy and happiness.  I feel so blessed that we found you.


     I don't know where to start.  I had to stop the player at one point.  I was in such amazement; such a wonderful soul.  So many things answered...  sensational reading.  Still awestruck.  Thank you from our hearts.




Pain Relief at a Distance



True Quantum Healing, Bowenwork,

and Psychic Energy for:

    Resolution of Chronic Pain and Physical Disorders

    Physical and Etheric Body Clearing and Balancing

    Tuning and Regulation of Body Functions

    Current and Prior Life Ties and Issues in the

        Physical, Social, and Spiritual Dimensions

    Balancing Chi, Chakras, Auras, Nadis and Emotions

    Shielding from Thought Control, EMF, Scalar Waves

    Upgrade/Virus Removal of Cosmic Hologram

    Manifest Goodness through Intentional Dowsing


Andy is a master health and wellness practitioner with a unique and extraordinary practice for eradicating pain and delivering desired results on many levels.   He has an extraordinary background in esoteric science and technology which he effectively applies for wellness.  No one approaches healing like Andy.  As Edgar Cayce found, distances are no obstacle to quantum physics and good intentions.  Typically, an energetic form of the client is brought to Andy's well-equipped Chakratorium for a session.  In some cases, the body that comes for help comes from another dimension or a prior life.   Those from another dimension often come to give a message of love to family members.

Sessions range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, and healing continues up to five days after a session.  During a session Andy may use these techniques or others:

·     Advanced Bowenwork

·     Vibration and Sound Therapy

      Crystal/Earth Energy

·     Pranic Healing™

·     Chakra and Aura Clearing and Balancing

      pH Regulation and Nerve System Function

      Bioenergy (Magetics and Electronics)

·     Sonaral Therapy

·     Sacred Geometry

·     Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

·     Star Magic™

·     Chirotics™ 

·     DNA-StarPower™

      Dowsing for Information

      Intentional Dowsing for Manifesting Change

      True Quantum Healing™

Andy is an amazing, multi-dimensional healer, and educator.  He is an ambassador for one of the major star systems.  He has been a royal physician in countless prior lives.  He is a creative and innovative alchemist who develops new healing techniques, and holds a position of leadership in a galactic council for inter-dimensional education.  

There are pages and pages of details that could be written to describe Andy's services and gifts.  Contact him today to get more information.


In Bowenwork, Over 400 issues are Covered in the groups shown below:

Joints and Tension



Imbalance and Dysfunctional Organs

Movement and Structural Alignment



Chronic Conditions

Sessions are designed and tailored to ensure the most beneficial results. Please contact us for more information.


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